“Nobody said that when you can’t understand a painting it doesn’t mean it is already horrible or meaningless.  It just simply means sometimes things can be hard to comprehend but still it is so beautiful. Just like you. I may not understand you all the time, but I swear your face is a fucking work of art.”


21st century crime.

“I’m fine” is not the most told lie my dear
It’s not two words that you’ll really hear
It’s three words and you fall for it every time
“I love you” is the most told lie and saying it back would be a crime


A friend disguised as a foe.

A friend?
How dare you call yourself a friend?
When you weren’t even there to help
All you do is blabber bullshit at my face
Sending messages just to get the chase
A friend is what you’ll never be
Because you just like to mess with me
But guess what, I’ll never ever trust you
And forgiving you is what I’ll never do
A friend?
Oh yes, pretending you care is absolutely right
Because a “real” friend would only care about your issues tonight
You said “You can trust me and I’ll be here?”
And I actually expected you would be there
Now I know your mouth is full of lies
And in the morning you like to disguise
As an approachable friend who gives advice
At night you turn into a backstabbing witch
Calling me unpleasant things like being a bitch


“You gave me material things but you never gave me your time. All I ask is a minute from you yet you choose to ignore me. Tell me, what is the use of material things? Will it give back the time I wasted on you?” — things i’ll never have the courage to tell you, #1

Did I or did you?

Tell me…
Did I even really know you?
With all the lies I’ve heard from you?
Did I even really know you?
When you left without a single clue?
Did I even really know you?
When you shyly said ‘I love you too’?
Did I even really know you?

Did I really?
Or did I not?
Because you had the courage to leave me here
While I’m struggling to fight the tears?
Or better yet….
Did you even really know me?
Apparently the answer is no
Because if you did
You wouldn’t have to let me go


What my blog is for…

When I started to write poems inside my head, it lead me to start making a blog about all the poems I write but never post.

My blog is already summarized by its title—crucial and poetry. It literally means crucial, which I aim is to be influential for both myself and the reader. And of course, poetry. How am I ever going to let out all ideas rather than through poetry? Poetry is the simplest, yet most creative way of sharing your own thoughts and views but isn’t exactly easy to comprehend. Which is why I like making them. You get to take an inspiration from your own experiences and others’ and turn them into literature, in which, everyone can have their own perception of what you actually mean to say.

I highly consider poems as codes. Mainly because you get to use metaphors and similes etc. to compare things from one another which gives the readers their own explanation unless you actually tell them what your poem really means. Instead of using Morse codes, I use poems to obstruct what I genuinely want to share.

So there. With that having said, this is the purpose of my blog; it is to cope with my daily complications in life through literature. And to be able to use my freedom of speech to good use with an aim to spread words that somehow affect people in a great way.

 Me (anonymous, author of this blog)