A friend disguised as a foe.

A friend?
How dare you call yourself a friend?
When you weren’t even there to help
All you do is blabber bullshit at my face
Sending messages just to get the chase
A friend is what you’ll never be
Because you just like to mess with me
But guess what, I’ll never ever trust you
And forgiving you is what I’ll never do
A friend?
Oh yes, pretending you care is absolutely right
Because a “real” friend would only care about your issues tonight
You said “You can trust me and I’ll be here?”
And I actually expected you would be there
Now I know your mouth is full of lies
And in the morning you like to disguise
As an approachable friend who gives advice
At night you turn into a backstabbing witch
Calling me unpleasant things like being a bitch



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