FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions
1. How old are you?
Top secret. Lol, but you can guess as much as you like.
2. Where do you get your inspiration when it comes to writing poems?
Just anywhere honestly. I guess I’m a keen observer with my surroundings a lot and also with the current events in my life, along with the predicaments that other people encounter. Also, most of the time, ideas just pop up out of nowhere or randomly, so I try my best to write them down before I lose them.
3. Who is/are your favorite author/s/poet/s?
My favorite poet is Juan Miguel Severo. On the other hand, my favorite authors are John Green, Ned Vizzini, Arthur Conan Doyle and many many more!!! (Bookworm and nerd alert, oh.)
4. Do you like reading works of others?
Of course! Reading other people’s works makes me more inspired and determined! I love reading different ideas and crafts 🙂
5. Do you have any talent besides writing?
I write a few short stories and I love making calligraphy and watercolor painting. I consider them my passion along with poetry. Poetry is life.


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